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Yoga stretch 5 Ways to Stay Pumped

Want to know 5 killer ways you can stay pumped?

You can Be Purposeful and Surround Yourself with Pumping People.

Read on discover the other ways.

Be Purposeful

Most people who undergo a lifestyle transformation have no idea why they eating kale or doing 20 reps of stomach crunches.

They do it because the “experts” told them they should.

I believe this leads to a lived without purpose.


If you’re unclear on why you do what you do, your life looks like a series of glued together unpurposeful actions.

And if your actions lack purpose, your life lacks meaning.

My most successful clients are the ones who know why they do what they do. Their actions – whether eating to a certain plan, exercising or taking nutritional supplements – are directed and thoughtful.

Know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Agency, control and knowledge lead to strong and purposeful outcomes.

Take Responsibility for Your Results

In my experience, people misinterpret the meaning of this idea. They think it means high-fiving themselves for positive results and taking blame for failures.

But “to take responsibility” actually means planning what to do next.

Success and failure are both water of your ducky back. Your focus is always on how to adjust and adapt to outcomes to drive future outcomes.

By keeping your eyes on the road ahead, and by not being diverted by wins or losses, you’re less likely to deflate or spend energy flattering your ego by fixating on achievements.

i-yoga-back_400x266Ditch Painful Perfection.

Perfectionists are the biggest losers when it comes to motivation.


For a start, it takes them too long to get runs on the board because they’re finicking over details.

Second, they’re often the first ones to quit because they can’t do something the first time. Or the tenth. Or the twentieth. Or they’re just damn embarrassed by their lack of immediate results. Because they expected immediate aceness.

So they stop.

Change takes time. More importantly, change takes failure.

If you’re a perfectionist, quit waiting, quit quitting and keep plodding and making mistakes.

Surround Yourself with Pumping People

Who are your associates and friends? To what extent are they passionate and vital when it comes to staying healthy and vivacious?

The culture we live in has a massive influence on how we react and respond and shape our activities.

And one of the central aspect of our personal culture is the people we hang with. Next time you’re out, notice how people who hang out together tend to have aspects of their appearance and behaviour in common.

Now, consider how this translates in your own life.

Are your friends pepped and upbeat? Do they pursue activities that lead to positive health outcomes? Or do you hang out with a crowd who influences you to be everything other than your physical and mental best.

If you answered yes to the second scenario – time to meet some new mates.

Tell us your story. How have you stayed pumped and motivated to achieve your own body transformations?

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